Dragons of Shifterverse series by Ariel Eaves

Hired by the Dragon (Dragons of Shifterverse Book 1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Sleeping with the boss is dangerous. Especially when he’s a fire-breathing dragon.
Lewis has had enough. As if being a human shifter wasn’t hard enough, he’s been broken up with for the third time this year and lost his job to boot. When he sees an ad for a job in a beautifully-renovated castle in North Wales, he decides it’s the perfect opportunity to relax and get away from his disastrous love life. That is, until he meets the stunningly attractive lord of the castle.

Lord Cadogan fits just about every stereotype about dragons you can think of—he’s handsome, brooding, and has a serious treasure hoarding addiction. He’s wealthy beyond belief, and has always managed without company. So why can’t he keep his eyes off the new housekeeper? After a steamy night in Paris, he realises he’s in too deep. But when an ice dragon attacks Lewis, freezing his heart, Cadogan will have to risk everything to save him.

Hired by the Dragon is the first instalment of the Dragons of Shifterverse series, set in a world where shifters live alongside humans. It contains fast-paced action, emotion and intrigue, and blazing hot sex scenes. It has an HEA, and is 40000+ words long.

MY REVIEW: The slower build-up and stop-and-start really allows the story to feel plausible. Rather than the traditional third person narration, it has alternating first person. Sometimes that can get tedious or confusing, but in this instance, it worked. This work leads me to want to read more by this author.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

Painted by the Dragon (Dragons of Shifterverse Book 2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: He’s his muse, but can he be his true love?

József has hit rock bottom. He spends most nights alone in his cave, drinking himself to sleep. What kind of life for an alpha dragon is that? When he receives an invitation to LAIR, an elite nightclub for dragon shifters, he sees an opportunity to break out of the rut he’s stuck in.

When Eddie’s friend drags him to LAIR, his hopes aren’t high. Dragons are known for being rich and powerful, so why would they want a run-of-the-mill omega like him? Then he meets József, a Hungarian dragon like no other. He’s down-to-earth, funny, and artistic. Eddie can’t get enough of modelling for him, but when József is dragged into the danger and intrigue of dragon politics, will he be there for Eddie when he most needs him?

Painted by the Dragon is the second instalment of the Dragons of Shifterverse series. It is a standalone story, full of action-packed encounters and steamy sex scenes, and can be enjoyed without having read the first book. It has an HEA and is 40000+ words long.

MY REVIEW: Though I liked the story and the writing, I think the best part about it was the beginning. It seemed different, and like there was going to be someone other than the typical perfect guy to fall for. So he lost a good deal of his endearing bumbling approachability and rough, crotchety exterior after that. But the read was still enjoyable, and I look forward to more.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.