Try anything series by Josh Jango

Try Anything Twice

AUTHOR’S BLURB: An uninhibited, seemingly straight young man, Ziggy, becomes sexually active with Josh, a shy, new-found gay friend. Josh has a lot more to offer someone than he’s ever been able to show. Ziggy’s generosity and genuine affection allow Josh to express feelings and desires he’s never shared with anyone before.

The friendship begins one early morning in St. Louis when Ziggy rescues Josh from a couple of bad characters. When daylight approaches, Zig offers Josh a place to crash–and more: Ziggy proposes they share his little studio apartment and split the rent.

The two young men seem to hit it off well from the start, despite their contrasting personalities. But can an honest and respectful friendship survive even one week of sharing such close quarters? And then there’s the road trip to Memphis . . .

As a forewarning, readers should understand that this novel contains some sexual scenes which are described in detail.

MY REVIEW: This is a relaxing read, like you get stoned just by reading it. It’s a comfortable read. There’s interest in it, it’s not one long, flat straight road. But there’s not a lot of tension, either. It’s comfortable. Enjoyable.

If It Feels Good

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Readers of “Try Anything Twice” wanted more: to know what happens to Ziggy and Josh after the giddy start of their sensual friendship. So here they are, a year later, on a road trip to celebrate their anniversary. As they travel they encounter men who are limited by traditional conventions – a rain-soaked hitchhiker, a successful architect, an old teenage crush… From highway rest stops to glory holes, from ocean beaches to hilltop parks and backseats of cars, Zig and Josh blaze a trail of sexual expression that leaves their new friends changed forever.

MY REVIEW: As a standalone, this is good. As a sequel, this is better. It’s still about the same laid-back boys but there’s more tension this time. And I can pretty much see the next couple or two that’ll happen. Hopefully, their stories get told, too.