SHATTERPROOF BOND Series Boxset by Isobel Starling

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Now available in a handy, cost effective box set, the Shatterproof Bond series will clutch at your heart and leave you aching for more. Come along on a thrilling, adventure with Scotsman Declan Ramsay and Englishman Sam Aiken featuring soaring M/M romance, love, laughter and sizzling lovemaking .
Sam and Declan meet at their siblings Scottish castle wedding during novel # 1 “As You Wish”.
The couple’s relationship deepens in novel #2 “Illuminate the Shadows”and as they get to know one another the true nature of the Aiken family business is revealed.
Novel #3 “Return to Zero” see’s Sam and Declan up to their necks in trouble in the Scottish Highlands, and Declan has to dig deep to save the man he loves.

MY REVIEW: This is a series I’ve read at least once before, and I keep coming back to it. It has heat and sweetness, danger and anger, and a bad guy you can really scowl at. Hard. And mean. And then simper with joy at the lovebirds he detests. Ha!
This is the type of series that has you back-talking the characters. Out loud. And only being embarrassed that they ignored you. It fills you up until you’re bubbly with the feels it pulls from within you.

UPDATE: While book 4 (Counterblow) and book 5 (Powder Burns) that were promised with book 3 have no exact release date I have found yet, there HAS been a new book released in this universe the author has created, with overlapping characters. Not sure yet if it belongs in this series list properly, but once I’ve determined that, dear readers, you will know. That being said, the author has stated if all goes to plan, the hope is to have the new release ready for early May 2017 for book 4. Which means we may be seeing it soon!