Rhythm and Rhyme series by Harper Logan

Tuned (Rhythm and Rhyme #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “I’m not sure if love is still in the cards for me.”

Struggling with heartbreak after his break-up, free-spirited musician Zander wonders if it’s ever going to work out with anyone. Or if he even wants it to—romance took its toll on him. With no desire to settle into a conventional life, it was never going to work out with his ex, Jerrad, a lawyer. But after a friend offers Zander a place to stay in the beautiful college town of Rosebridge, he meets someone new—someone who might convince him to give love another chance.

“Nothing is more important than my education.”

Engineering student Tyler worked hard to get into Beasley. His whole life has been dedicated to his education, but he’s neglected both friendships and relationships. Now in his senior year, he’s realized that he’s never dated a guy, or even so much as found one who catches his interest. But then he runs into Zander, a rolling stone who comes into his life and steals his attention—as well as his heart.

“I can’t choose any man over my education, not even him.”

As Tyler and Zander’s relationship blossoms, Tyler’s grades start to slip through his fingers. And once again, Zander has found himself with someone who prioritizes success over him. As Zander starts to build a new life in Rosebridge, he finds he wants Tyler to help complete it—but will Tyler realize how precious love is?

Tuned is a 40,000 word steamy MM standalone romance. It is the first book in the Rhythm and Rhyme series. Each book can be read independently but would be even more enjoyable read as a trilogy! They all contain a happily ever after ending.

MY REVIEW: Another sweet romance from this author. Though to be honest, Zander is the shining gem of this story, while Tyler feels underage and like you want to drop him on his head because he’s so wishy-washy. Not really the type-a that they later call him. Whatever. That’s just my opinion.